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Zikkurat-Construct is an engineering company which was founded in 2001 after integration of young energetic engineering companies, appeared in early 90-s, and a series of units of former Ministry of Special Engineering of the USSR.

Analogous corporative cultures, common market segment and reciprocal completion of management and production resources served as the base of integration.

From the moment of foundation upon present day main rules of the company are:

  • Quality of service and reputation of the company is more important then a short-term profit.

  • Investment into development is more important then current consumption.

  • Ethical principles are more important then material benefits.

These rules are fixed in Mission and Corporate culture and ethics Code.

Recently the company has been developing successfully, has been overcoming internal crises and external economical recessions, and has been becoming one of the leaders in industrial engineering in Republic of Moldova.

Among our plans to 2015-2017:

  • Reorganization of management system in accordance with principles of ISO-9004.

  • Promoting new tehnologies in construction and engineering.

  • New enginnering services for our Customers.

  • To make equal concurrence to European companies in our market segment.

We address to all our partners: develop Your business together with us.